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This page is about the three (in my opinion) greatest guitarist of all time

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Stevie Ray Vaughan

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If I could play like anybody it would be him.He is my personal favorite guitarist.I like his style.He always played with a lot of feel.You can hear it and you can sure see it.For those of ya'll who don't know him here's a few little sound of my favorite songs he does..Voodoo Chile..a cool song..really good live..Lovestruck Baby..a really cool upbeat song... Here's a few more.. Scuttle Buttin House is Rockin Riviera Paradise Look at Little Sister Say What Willie the Wimp Theres a few. He was is and will always be the greatest

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was a great guitarist.The way he played just caught my ear.Jimi was one of the ones that influenced me to start playing.I really like his style.He played so loose and cool.A lot of people try copy him but i don't think there will ever be another Jimi Hendrix.

Eric Clapton

Eric clapton..I think every body knows who he is. He's a living legend.I really enjoy his older stuff like...Sunshine of Your Love...Wonderfull Tonight...Layla..and After Midnight..just to name a few.Most of this new stuff I'm not so crazy about but the guitar playing is still pretty good.His Unplugged stuff is some of my favorite stuff he did.All in all he still rocks and probably allways will..


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